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Why Are Your Bluetooth Headphones Not Connecting?

Why Are Your Bluetooth Headphones Not Connecting?

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Bluetooth has revolutionized technology, but it can still have some issues. Bluetooth headphones not connecting is a common issue but one that is often easy to resolve. Here, we look at ways that you’re able to solve that problem.

No power

The first thing that you want to check is that your batteries are fully charged. Bluetooth devices often don’t have a way to show you how much battery is left so will often die without telling you! 

Incomplete pairing process

Bluetooth devices need to be paired together, and sometimes, this can involve typing in codes or passwords. If you haven’t completed this step, then they won’t pair together. 

Not discoverable

For mobile phones and laptops, you’ll have to enable Bluetooth to be able to connect your headphones. This is easily found in your settings and needs to be switched on. 

Too far apart

Bluetooth connections will stop working after a certain distance, and this is often around 10 meters. After this distance, the connection will drop.

Not receiving data

For sometimes unknown reasons, there can be a communication breakdown between devices. If you’re struggling to get a connection, then it can be the best idea to unpair the two devices and then pair them once again. 

Wi-Fi interference

There are various factors that can affect your Bluetooth signal. One of them is Wi-Fi, and if your device is too close to a router, then the problem could be due to interference.

Connecting to the wrong device

The connections between the two devices can feel a little basic at times. It could be that you’re trying to connect to a device that already has been paired with something else.


Some Bluetooth devices are designed to only be connected with certain types of software. If you’re having trouble, then make sure the two devices are compatible with each other. 

Firmware Issues

The problem may be based on the firmware, as a connection can be blocked due to out-of-date software. Make sure everything is up-to-date and download the latest updates if they are available.

We hope these tips can help you fix your Bluetooth headphones not connecting issue. You may also check out our IT Help Monthly Membership program for up to two hours of personal and direct remote tech support.