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Top 3 Password Managers for Freelancers and Home Workers

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Most people who have several accounts use the same password for each one. But, that’s a big no-no for cybersecurity! Not only does this mean that the bad guys only have to figure out one password, but it also means if you’re compromised you need to change every. single. account you have!

One of the main complaints we hear about this from our members (not a member yet? Become one HERE.) is that they can’t remember all the passwords!

But that has a really simple fix! Use a password manager!

What Is a Password Manager?

A password manager is going to make your life much easier because it can save your passwords and login details for every website, banking details, as well as your backups too! Instead of typing in your password when you visit the website, the manager will autofill your credentials (if you have two accounts it will give you the option to choose the right one.)

How Password Managers Help with Cyber Security

When you are utilising a password manager, you can create different passwords for each account instead of using just one password for all your accounts. Password managers also help you create strong and random passwords by suggestion options so that your accounts are more secure. 

Top 3 Password Managers

  • Here is a comparison chart for the 3 most popular password managers for you to pick one: 

  Benefits  Costs  Why It Is Good for Freelancers  Downsides 
-It can be used on all devices.
-You can set up and use emergency access.
-Great customer support.
– You can share passwords with team members.
$3/month -Does have a free version -Convenient
-Saves time
-Strong password security 
You need to update passwords individually instead of several at a time. 
Dashlane   -Unlimited storage for passwords.
-Multiple devices can be synced.
-You can share passwords.
$4.99/month -It does feature a free version. -It can be used on all internet platforms.
-Syncs to multiple devices. 
-Will autofill password automatically even if you have multiple logins per one page. 
RoboForm -Organise your logins.
-It makes sharing information easier and safer. 
$29.95/year  -It helps organise data.
– It can store information in subfolders.
– Can pin favourite logins to make logging in faster. 
-Logins will disappear from the list occasionally.
-Switching from business to a standard account can cause an error message. 

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