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SiteGround Website Hosting: Your FAQ Answered

SiteGround Website Hosting: Your FAQ Answered

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SiteGround is a popular web hosting service that was launched back in 2004 and now hosts over 2 million domains. But is SiteGround website hosting any good, and how well-equipped are they for different needs and preferences that businesses have?

These are just some of the questions we get asked on a regular basis, so we wanted to answer them for you in an easy place! Click on the questions below to visit something specific or scroll down:

Is SiteGround website hosting any good?

Yes, SiteGround website hosting service is good, and aside from having spectacular uptime and loading speeds, they have one of the best support teams out there. Their support is available around the clock, they are fast and efficient in resolving issues, and on top of all that, they are super friendly too.

The hosting service is a bit higher priced compared to some of its competitors, but it has so many price tiers, you never have to make huge financial jumps when moving to the next tier you need.

The best part is that you get a free 30-day trial where you can test all their services.

Is SiteGround better than BlueHost?

BlueHost is more affordable and their plans have a lower price point, but there is a reason for this. When compared to BlueHost, SiteGround offers much more in terms of features with each of their plans – daily backups, a website builder, CloudFlare support, and better load times and performance of their servers.

The ease of onboarding and creating a new website is also in favour of SiteGround, and they are a clear winner when it comes to customer support that’s available for everyone 24/7, while BlueHost only has email-based support for all customers.

SiteGround is a good all-rounder that, despite a higher price point, offers much more in terms of support and functionality with each of their plans, including their entry plans.

How much does SiteGround cost?

Each type of hosting has several plans you can choose from, depending on what you need from their hosting service. Here’s a quick rundown:

They offer several hosting plans: web hosting, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, cloud hosting, reseller hosting, and enterprise hosting solutions.

SiteGround website hosting, WordPress hosting, and WooCommerce hosting each have three distinct plans: StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. Each of them includes:

  • Daily backups
  • Unmetered traffic
  • Free SSL certificate pre-installed on the site
  • Free CDN by CloudFlare
  • Free email with unlimited email account creation, so you have professional email addresses for your business
  • Managed WordPress with each plan, which includes a site builder, automatic WordPress and plugin updates and support

The StartUp plan costs €12.99/month and includes hosting for one website with 10GB of web space and supports about 10,000 monthly visits.

There’s a special promo now where you can get it for only €5.99/month!

The GrowBig plan costs €22.99/month and includes unlimited website hosting with 20GB of web space and support for 25,000 monthly visits.

It includes a few bonus features too – on-demand backup for your websites, staging environment for website testing, boosted caching with NGINX direct delivery, as well as the option to add collaborators to help set up and maintain your website via their own accounts, keeping your account safe.

And now, with the special promo, this plan will cost you only €9.99/month.

The GoGeek Plan costs €34.99/month and includes unlimited websites with 40GB of web space and support for up to 100,000 monthly visits. It also includes all the bonus features of the GrowBig plan, as well as a few extras, such as Git integration for staging, white-label options for your clients, more server resources, and priority support.

The special promo pricing brings this price down to only €13.99/month.

For WordPress hosting, the plans also include free WordPress installation and migration, as well as automatic updates for WordPress and access to WP-CLI and SSH.

For WooCommerce hosting, all plans include fast launch with the Getting Started Wizard and migration services.

Their cloud hosting is reserved for those who need a dedicated solution, and the offer includes four plans:

  • The Entry plan for €64/month that includes 3 CPU cores, 6GB memory, 40GB of SSD space, and 5TB of data transfer.
  • The Business plan for €96/month includes 4 CPU cores, 8GB memory, 60GB of SSD space, and 5TB of data transfer.
  • The Business Plus plan for €128/month includes 5 CPU cores, 10GB memory, 80GB of SSD space, and 5TB of data transfer.
  • The Super Power plan for €192/month includes 9 CPU cores, 12GB memory, 120GB of SSD space, and 5TB of data transfer.

In addition to the plans, you have the option to configure your own custom cloud server and choose a custom amount of cores, memory, SSD space, and data transfer. (The max capacity is 33 cores, 130GB memory, and 1TB of SSD space with 5TB of data transfer for a hefty price of €1680/month.)

For Enterprise solutions, you can get a custom-tailored setup, with the cost calculated depending on your needs.

How do I get to cPanel SiteGround?

The cPanel for SiteGround is located under the Client Area, under the Websites tab. Access it by finding the desired website and clicking the cPanel button. This will log you into the cPanel on a secure, encrypted connection.

You can access it via your mobile device too, but first, you need to install the official cPanel app onto your iOS or Android device. Through the app, you have full access to the cPanel hosting account once you log into it with your SiteGround cPanel credentials.

Where are SiteGround servers located?

SiteGround servers are located in four continents:

  • America: USA (Iowa)
  • Europe: United Kingdom (London), Netherlands (Eemshaven), Germany (Frankfurt)
  • Australia: Australia (Sydney)
  • Asia: Singapore (Singapore)

The data centre location is chosen based on their reliability factor, to ensure the best uptime possible for every website hosted with them.

Does SiteGround offer free domain?

No, SiteGround does not offer a free domain as part of the hosting plan. A new domain can be registered for a very low price, however. You can do that from the Client Area by going to the Marketplace and finding the option under Domain Services.

Who owns SiteGround website hosting?

Ivo Tzenov is the founder of SiteGround hosting, with Tenko Nikolov being the current CEO. Other important members include Milena Stefanova, the director of SiteGround hosting, and Nikolay Todorov who is the CTO.

The company has over 400 employees that ensure the highest quality of services – from developers to security specialists, as well as customer support specialists.

What is SiteGround used for?

SiteGround is used for website hosting. Every business now needs reliable hosting services that will keep their website up and running around the clock. SiteGround website hosting, with their 99.99% uptime and superior performance and loading times for each plan, is a great choice no matter what industry you come from.

Which is the best hosting for WordPress?

The WordPress community holds SiteGround, BlueHost, and DreamHost in very high regard when it comes to WordPress hosting. Many agree that SiteGround is their preferred choice of the three best hosting solutions.

This is because SiteGround offers quick WordPress installation with pre-installed security solutions through their website builder, managed WordPress in all plans, automatic updates for WordPress and most plugins to ensure peak performance and security, as well as advanced caching options and expert WP support available around the clock. Each of SiteGround’s plans offers much more in terms of features when compared to other options.

Moving to SiteGround website hosting is super easy for existing WordPress websites thanks to their SiteGround Migrator plugin. The server firewall is regularly patched to cover all the common WP exploits.

Is SiteGround better than GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is one of the biggest and most popular website hosting solutions out there, with over 20 million customers right now. They offer an all-round approach where you can buy a domain, host it there and build your website, and is a serious competitor to SiteGround.

GoDaddy offers a free domain as part of their packages, something SiteGround doesn’t, and offers unlimited disk space. But their uptime is lower than SiteGround’s, which is a more important factor. Overall, SiteGround offers more in terms of technical features and sheer power in each plan.

SiteGround is also better in terms of WordPress integration and offers one-click installation, automatic updates, and other advanced features you won’t find with GoDaddy.

SiteGround’s support is the best you can get, especially with their fast reply guarantee, which makes them a preferred option for many.

Which SiteGround plan is best?

This depends on what exactly you want to do. If you’re just starting out and only plan to have a single site, the StartUp plan is more than enough. This is a popular option for bloggers!

Or if you plan to have more than one site and need more resources, you can immediately go for the next plan, GrowBig, especially now that all their plans are available for a special discount price for the first year!

For dedicated solutions and resource-intensive websites, we recommend you move past their shared options and go for cloud hosting options that give you dedicated resources that you can fine-tune to give you exactly what you need to have the best performance at all times.

Is SiteGround expensive?

If you are serious about building a business or launching a blog you plan to make money off, no, SiteGround is not a big investment.

SiteGround hosting provides you with an all-round solution for everything you’ll need to start your business or blog: a good-looking website with all the necessary security protocols and firewalls, fast loading times, and good uptime, that can be set up in mere minutes with no hassle thanks to the Site Builder that is part of each plan.

As your business grows, you can quickly jump to a bigger plan without worrying about a big jump in the costs.

Is WordPress free with SiteGround?

Yes, WordPress is free with every SiteGround plan. You will get a WordPress click-and-install option as part of your plan, which means you’ll get an automatic install of WordPress without having to worry about downloading and configuring it yourself.

Once this is done, a WordPress Starter tool will walk you through choosing your preferred design, layout and features (contact forms, portfolio, storefront), and installing them for you.

You also get free specialist support for all things WordPress.

Does SiteGround charge monthly?

There is an option to pay monthly for SiteGround, which you can choose during the final step of the purchasing process. But if you choose this payment plan, you will pay much more than if you choose to pay on a yearly basis.

Take the Grow Big plan as an example.

Monthly, you will pay €27.99/month, but if you choose to pay for a whole year immediately, you will pay only €9.99/month for the first year! That’s a 64% discount!

After the first year, the price will go up to €22.99/month, which is still an almost 20% discount when compared to paying on a monthly basis.

Does SiteGround sell domain names?

No. While SiteGround does sell domain names, they are not a domain name registrar. But you can purchase an unlimited number of domains via your hosting account on SiteGround. Simply navigate from the Client Area to the Marketplace and find Domain Services.

From there, you can browse through different domains and see whether your chosen domain name is available.

The domains are divided into three categories: Popular, Country, and Special domains.

The popular domains all cost below €15 per year, with the .eu being the cheapest. Here’s a full breakdown: 

  • €12.95/year for .eu
  • €13.95/year for .com
  • €14.95/year for .net, .org, .biz, .info, and .us

The country domains start at €12.95 and go all the way to €35.95. The full breakdown here:

  • €12.95/year for:
    • .com.au
    • .org.au
    • .net.au
    • .be
    • .de
    • .es
    • .com.es
    • .nom.es
    • .org.es
    • .co.za
    • .eu
    • .fr
    • .it
    • .in
    • .co.in
    • .firm.in
    • .gen.in
    • .ind.in
    • .net.in
    • .org.in
  • €13.95/year for:
    • .us
    • .nl
  • €16.95/year for:
    • .at
    • .ca
    • .cat
    • .co.uk
    • .org.uk
    • .pl
  • €17.95/year for .com.mx
  • €25.95/year for:
    • .ch
    • .co
    • .co.nz
    • .net.nz
    • .org.nz
  • €35.95/year for .mx

The special domains, which are growing in popularity, start around the €10 mark for a year and go all the way to €45/year. The most popular options right now include: 

  • €13.95/year for .online, .shop
  • €12.95/year for .club
  • €30.95/year for .blog

Can I buy a domain name without hosting?

No, you cannot, as SiteGround is not a registrar that would sell domain names only. Once you purchase a hosting plan, however, you can register as many domain names as you want.

You can do so from your SiteGround website hosting account. You buy new domain names under the Domain Services in the Marketplace located in the Client Area.

How do I get started with SiteGround?

It’s super easy to get started! Simply go to SiteGround right here, and then choose the type of hosting you’re interested in, followed by the plan that’s right for your needs. When you get a plan, you can either register a new domain or transfer an already existing domain. You put in all your information, and once you pay, you can log into the Client Area and start using your new website.

How do I use SiteGround?

It’s easy to use it! The automatic installation for WordPress will have your site up and running in minutes, and the available migration tools ensure everything you wish to transfer from an existing site lands safely on your new SiteGround-hosted website.

The Site Tools section has powerful options for security, domain, and domain server management, admin tools for WordPress, backup and restore options, the SuperCachers, and much more.

The interface is intuitive and easy to understand, and if you’re unsure about any option, feature, or setting, you can refer to their tutorials section where you’ll find a Getting Started guide and many more useful entries on getting the most out of your new hosting provider.

Their support is available around the clock should you stumble upon an issue you cannot solve on your own, and they will be more than happy to help you out with anything you need.

Try SiteGround today!

If you’re considering moving to SiteGround, now is a great time, as you can try out their services and tools for a whole month for free, with access to everything you would get with a paid subscription. If you decide to stay after that, you’ll get an exclusive discount on the yearly subscription for the first year.


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