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Siteground VPN – Can You Host a VPN or Get One Through Siteground?

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Having your website hosted is nothing unusual these days, with many providers offering various programs, tools, and plugins that make it easy to put up a website even for people with very little or no knowledge about programming or website creation and development. 

Getting more from your hosting

In order to attract customers, hosting services offer various ways to make your website creation as easy as possible, and even offer some services that go beyond simple website development and hosting. 

VPN is one such service that is usually sought out by users but rarely provided with your basic or even advanced hosting plans. 

Why would you want to use VPN?

VPN is short for Virtual Private Server, and it’s usually used for secure remote connections to workplaces or other websites. The service provides encrypted traffic between your home PC and your destination somewhere on the internet, be it your remote workplace PC or any other site. 

People also use VPN as an added layer of privacy when browsing sites online or to circumvent regional limitations imposed on certain services.

Siteground VPN

While Siteground does provide your basic hosting services as well as tools to make website creation easier, it does not support VPN. 

You could theoretically get Siteground VPN to work by using their Cloud hosting services, which allow you to install whatever programs or apps you need for your business. However, doing so would violate their Security policy, and it is not supported by Siteground Data Centres. 

If your plan was to get Siteground VPN with their hosting plan, you won’t have any luck with that. You’re better off using a specialised VPN service from some other provider if you require VPN access for whatever reason. 

That is not such a bad thing, since it’s better to have separate servers for websites and for VPN access. That way, you won’t be sharing server resources and having both on a single server could use up your internet traffic or make your websites slower to load.

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