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Siteground Support – Is It Better Than Other Hosting Providers?

Siteground Support – Is It Better Than Other Hosting Providers?

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The website hosting business is going strong, with many providers offering competitive packages. But how would you compare providers that have similar features, price, and uptime? 

The answer is support and user experience! When it comes to SiteGround support we have had extensive experience using it, as well as experience with other providers and it really comes out on top!  

Why having good customer support matters

It is true that most of us would prefer never having to contact customer support. Wouldn’t it be way better if things just worked without issues or us thinking about it? 

However, issues do happen, plugins break or things just stop working. In these times of trouble, our only course of action is to contact customer support and hope the issue will be fixed in the shortest amount of time possible. 

Without impacting your business website, blog uptime, or making you sit on hold for hours! Having your problem solved within 10 minutes or within a day makes a huge difference.

Comparing customer supports

Here at Smiley Geeks, we have had the opportunity to interact with some of the most popular website hosting providers including GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, and Siteground since these are the ones we have specific experience with.

And like we said, Siteground come out on top by a large margin. Here’s why: 

Siteground support

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One of the main things that stood out during our comparison was Siteground support response time. 

Their support was very quick to respond to any issues we had, regardless of the way we contacted them. And we can tell that with Siteground, this was more of a rule than an exception. There are several user testimonials that confirm their issues have been solved within minutes of first contact, while overall, their response time averaged at about 15 minutes. 

Siteground also utilises self-help approach with abundant help pages, smart AI chat bots, and automated solutions where you can get help faster if someone else already had the same issue. 

If you need to contact Siteground support agents, you can do so through several channels:

  • live chat
  • phone support
  • by submitting a helpdesk ticket

One thing that you will also notice is that their support agents are quite knowledgeable and they quickly manage to help with issues such as e-mail configuration, setting up accounts, configuring FTP, or anything else that can be relatively easily solved. 

Friendly approach is also important, as we’re usually quite stressed when something isn’t working as it should. Having a calm, friendly person on the other side helping us with the issue definitely helps relieve the stress and makes the whole experience more enjoyable than you would expect. 

Overall, we have no doubt that your experience will be as positive as ours was, since Siteground’s approach to customer support is that all customers are treated equally, regardless of the hosting plan they are using.