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Siteground for Bloggers – is it worth it?

Siteground for Bloggers – is it worth it?

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Blogging daily can sometimes be a challenge all by itself, so naturally, you want to keep the extra stress and distractions down to a minimum. Having a reliable hosting can help with that and avoid having to deal with the drama of your blog going down just as a post is going viral or getting tons of traffic.

But, Siteground is one of the more expensive (long-term after the initial year ends) hosting providers that is available on the market right now. Which always begs the question, is Siteground for bloggers worth it? That’s what we’re discussing in the article. 

The short answer? Yes, if you’re planning on making money via your blog (now or in the future) – And let me tell you why. 

Full disclosure here, we use Siteground! But, between the team we’ve also used, Hostgator, Bluehost, and GoDaddy so this is based on our actual experience of all of them. .

Choosing What’s Best For YOUR Blog

Assessing your needs and researching before choosing a hosting provider is always good advice. Once you make your decision, you’re likely going to stick with that provider for a while, so there are several criteria your blog hosting provider should meet and I’m going to share why we’ve found Siteground outshines them all!


It’s essential that your blog is available to your readers as much as possible. Downtime means losing reputation while also leading to reader frustration. Longer downtimes can even impact your Google rankings and SEO you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

In the last 6 years since I’ve been personally blogging, I’ve never had an instance of downtime that was Siteground’s fault. (My own – maybe!) 


Your blog will grow in time – more articles, more pictures, and more content. It’s important to keep as much content available for as long as possible, since you attract more readers that way. Your hosting of choice should provide an easy way for you to scale up when you need to and provide enough storage to deal with larger websites. 

Siteground offers various tiers so you can creep up rather than having to jump price tiers! I started on a lower tier and as things became more successful I have increased, as of 2020 I now have 7 sites with Siteground under my personal hosting package. 

SSL certificate/Security 

Most users take this too lightly, but having an SSL certificate for your blog should be a must and not a maybe. You don’t want a red “this connection is not secure” warning looming over the blog you worked so hard to create. Plus, an SSL certificate is also required for any type of e-commerce if you’re looking to sell things on your blog at some point. 

You actually get a free SSL certificate with Siteground (and they can set it up for you if you’re not very techy!) – Some other hosting providers charge for SSL certificates and then expect you to figure out how to use them.  


Of course you want help in the event something goes wrong, but you also want to know that there is someone there to ask questions to. You don’t want to make your frustrations worse when your website is down, or you’re having a technical malfunction with support that doesn’t respond or prioritise you!

Siteground offer 24/7 support, and usually via web chat! I’ve used them on numerous occasions, as well as for help resolving technical issues (that I usually caused) including an instance where I updated WordPress and it locked me out!! They resolved it in 9 minutes.

Siteground for Bloggers – Yes or No

I already gave you the answer and it’s not like I was vague about my preferences either!

But to confirm, I would always recommend Siteground based on my own experience with them (as well as negative experiences with other hosting.) 


There is a caveat. 

Siteground for bloggersis a little different than for businesses – and that’s because of the price difference. As a hosting provider they are more expensive. So, if you’re blogging as a hobby or it’s more of a journal and it’s not a massive issue if your website is down a bit, or you can’t get good support and you’re not going to be negatively impacted, it’s probably not worth the added expense and you can pick a cheaper provider. 

That said, if you’re looking to build and grow your blog into a community, or you’re looking to sell things/ads/affiliates etc. Then it’s important to have that consistency and protect yourself now, and Siteground is hands down the best service I’ve ever gotten! 

Any questions about Siteground for bloggers give me a shout! If not, in the mean time you can sign up via our affiliate link below which means we earn a small commission (and it doesn’t cost you a thing.)  

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