Help Backing Up Your Wordpress Website


Worried that you have no backup of your Wordpress website? or not sure how to use or restore it if your website is hacked or goes down?

We can help:

  • Check your existing backups
  • Use a service that’s right for you
  • Run your backups, test them, and check they restore
  • Show you how to do this in the future.

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Worried that you have no backup of your WordPress website? or concerned it’s not working? (what do you do if you need to restore it?)

Let us help check your existing backups (if you have any). As well as help you install a service that works for your needs. We will run your first backup and test restore with you so you know what to do in an emergency!

What you will receive in this package:

A 30 min intro session which includes discussing your hosting as well as suitable cost-effective backup tools that would match your needs.
We will set up this new tool with best practices OR if you have backups running we will check your current backup with or for best practices.
Then we will complete a full backup for you whilst testing to make sure it works.
We will then do a 30min ‘handover session’ that will include:
How to perform a full manual backup using the tools
How to perform a restore of the backup using the tools
Where your backups are stored and how to look after them long-term.

*Note the price of this service does not include the cost of your choice of backup tool which can vary depending on needs or budget.


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Help Backing Up Your Wordpress Website

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Help Backing Up Your Wordpress Website $55.00