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How to Stop Your Outlook Business Account from Being Hacked

How to Stop Your Outlook Business Account from Being Hacked

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Microsoft Outlook is an excellent business email tool. However, as with any online account, cybersecurity is a primary concern, particularly when sharing sensitive information. Employing ways to prevent Outlook business account hacking can lessen the risk of costly data breach fines, among other issues.

As you set up and secure your company’s Outlook account, follow these steps to avoid opening the company up to the risk of hacking.

Use Multi-Form Authentication

Without multi-form authentication, someone only needs a password to access your account. You can make this process more secure by adding another layer of protection and stopping hackers in their tracks!

Multi-form authentication adds the use of a third-party app or device to verify your identity. This can include processes like sending an authentication code to your phone to ensure that you are actually the one trying to access your business Outlook Account!

Creating a Strong Password

The first step to make sure that your account is as secure as possible is to assign it a strong, hard-to-guess password. You don’t want to use anything that’s easily guessed such as the name of your spouse or a common password like “123456.” 

Try to mix up components such as letters, numbers, letter case, and symbols. This will make it harder to guess. 

Use a New Password

The password you use shouldn’t just be a unique choice to other users but it should be unique among your own passwords as well. If you use the same password for every account, then you weaken your overall security. After all, if hackers only need one password for all your accounts, they’ll access them all very quickly!

Remember to Log Out

Staying logged in to apps is an easy way to keep track of your accounts, but it’s also a way to put your account at risk. Make sure to log out of any device you don’t trust, such as a public computer, when you’re done with your session. It sounds so simple, but it’s an effective way to prevent Outlook business account hacking.

Remember to treat your Outlook password like your bank account. If it’s hacked it can cause a huge detriment to your brand!

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