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How to Stop Your Facebook Business Account from Being Hacked

How to Stop Your Facebook Business Account from Being Hacked

*This post may contain Affiliate Links which means we may earn from qualifying purchases you make via our website. Check out our Affiliate policy and what this means hereFacebook is a popular social media platform for individuals and businesses alike. However, just like any other platform, you have to take the right steps to ensure that your account is fully protected, particularly as Facebook business account hacking has increased. These steps will help you avoid malicious parties gaining control of your Facebook Business account and damaging your brand.

Use a Strong Password

When it comes to passwords, there’s no such thing as “too strong.” The harder your password is to guess, the better it is. This means avoiding obvious choices such as your birthday or passwords that are easy to guess like “12345” or “password.” 

Now, most sites guide you through the process of creating a strong password by requiring elements like numbers and symbols. 

Use a Unique Password

Even the strongest password can be weakened if it’s used too much. The last thing you want to do is use the same password for your Facebook Business account as you do for other things like your bank’s website or email. 

This way, even if the password is guessed by a malicious party, only one account is at risk. 

Rely on Multi-Stage Authentification

A password represents a single-stage authentification – you have to provide one piece of proof that you’re rightfully accessing the account. 

With multi-stage authentification, you have to use third-party accounts to verify your identity. For instance, you might have a code emailed or texted to you to enter. This means that without additional access to your phone or email, a malicious party still couldn’t get in. 

Use Trusted Contacts

Trusted contacts are friends that have access to recovery codes for your Facebook Business page. If you get locked out of your account because of Facebook business account hacking, you can have a recovery URL sent to these friends to regain access. This will help you to regain control if your Facebook Business account is already potentially compromised. 

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