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How to Fix Your FitBit Screen If It Freezes​

How to Fix Your FitBit Screen If It Freezes​

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It’s a common but extremely frustrating problem

First Load Your Fitbit app

Open Your Fitbit App

Open your “Account”

Open your Account section and open your device that is having the problem of a “blank”/”broken” screen – Make sure that the device is charge 50% or more and close by (we recommend having the device on charge next to you while you do this. at this screen you can also see the battery level of your device and can confirm if its the screen not working or if the device battery has in fact run out!

Change the Clock “face”

Next step is to open the clock face and change this to any other option ** top tip makes sure you note your old “face” – Here we’re picking the “Stats Heavy” screen option,

Once this has loaded ( it can take 30secs to 2 min) take the device off charge and press the “wake up button” and see if you have the new face – If so all fixed and you can now change the clock face back to your original setting and continue to use your device

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