Data Breach Report Blueprint & Template

Take the guesswork out of writing your data breach report!

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  • Includes:
  • Initial steps to deal with a data breach in your small business
  • How to fill in the report and what's needed
  • The complete done-for-you data breach template for any industry
  • BONUS: ICO Assessment Criteria section
  • + Other Useful Resources

React quickly

Follow our done-for-you template so you can just focus on containing the breach, not the paperwork.


Take out the legal mumbo jumbo and understand exactly what your business needs to do - in reality, not theory.

Make sure your report is GDPR Compliant

Plus, use the template to store perfect reports for future compliance needs!

Get your own copy of The Data Breach Blueprint & Template

Make sure you’re reducing the risk of another breach, track the impact properly, and remain compliant to the right governing bodies! 


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