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Could You Be Causing Your Slow Internet? (And How to Fix It)

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Having a slow internet connection can be a maddening experience. Before you get on the phone to your provider, the problem could be of your own doing. Here, we look at the causes of slow internet connection and how you can fix it.

Poor router placement

One of the common causes of slow internet is poor placement of the router. Its signal strength will not only diminish with distance, but it will also be heavily affected by physical barriers. Doors, walls, and furniture can all work to block the Wi-Fi signal and slow down your internet.

How to fix it: Place your router out in the open and ideally in the centre of your home.

Overloaded channels

The more people that are connected to the internet, the slower it will be. This is especially true when you are downloading files or streaming video. Your overall internet speed is going to be split between devices. This can have a significant draining effect if there are a lot of phones and laptops in the home.

How to fix it: Either limit the internet time for people in the household or increase the internet speed with your provider.

Hidden applications

Whether the problem is slow internet on Windows 10 or any other operating system, the demands for some applications are a lot higher than others. On phones and computers, it’s easy to have them running in the background with you being unaware. This can happen with many phone apps and also the likes of anti-virus software.

How to fix it: Check on your phone and computer that there is nothing draining the internet speed. If there are, then close the apps.


As with any type of signal, there can be a wide number of things that can affect it. Microwaves can have a huge impact on Wi-Fi signal but so can other devices, such as baby monitors, cordless phones, and anything that’s connected via Bluetooth.

How to fix it: Move your router away from devices that interfere with it or reduce the wireless connections you have in your home.

No password

Don’t have a password on your Wi-Fi? Then it could be that you have other people leaching off your internet connection. This can be especially problematic if you live somewhere such as an apartment where you are in close proximity to many other people.

How to fix it: Ensure that your internet connection is properly secured and that your household is the only one using it.

Old computer

It could be that the problem is not with your internet connection at all. Instead, a slow computer may be making your web pages slow to load. This could be due to its age, applications draining its performance, or perhaps a virus. 

How to fix it: Run an internet speed check to see if the problem is with your computer. If it is, clean up your hard drive and run an anti-viral check.

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