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Best Social Media Scheduler For Remote Businesses: Full HelloWoofy Comparison

Best Social Media Scheduler For Remote Businesses: Full HelloWoofy Comparison

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Managing your social media presence takes a lot of time when you do most things on your own, so you’re looking at how to do a lot in as little time as possible without paying thousands each year to get it. 

Luckily, now we have numerous social media manager tools. We’ve been on the hunt for the best social media schedulers and managers for remote businesses, and we think we have found one that ticks all the boxes! HelloWoofy. 

Not only is the premise behind it cute, the creators are incredibly hands on when it comes to support, and we are absolutely loving it! 

So, we wanted to do a huge HelloWoofy comparison to check it against all the current top market tools!

Here’s all of the comparisons so just click the one you’re interested in to scroll there. (They are in depth for each and check against Pricing, who’s it for, ease of use, support, and features.)

  1. HelloWoofy vs. Hootsuite Professional Plan
  2. HelloWoofy vs. Buffer Pro Plan
  3. HelloWoofy vs. Sprout Social Standard Plan  
  4. HelloWoofy vs. Monday.com
  5. HelloWoofy vs. Content Studio
  6. HelloWoofy vs. hiring a social media manager
  7. Final Verdict: HelloWoofy does exactly what you need
  8. What we love most about HelloWoofy

Automation saves time when starting out

We’ve stumbled upon a rather ingenious social media manager – HelloWoofy. Their take on social media management is AI-backed and data-driven. 

HelloWoofyhelps you boost your social presence by suggesting the best times of day to post, autocompleting posts, and helping you choose relevant emojis, hashtags, and images. It comes with a content scheduler, compliance checker, and affordable price of (currently) $49 per year. 

But how does it hold up against all the popular choices? Let’s find out.

HelloWoofy vs. Hootsuite Professional Plan

HootSuite offers a good content management plan for smaller businesses that speeds things up but falls a bit short when it comes to automation and library options. 


Hootsuite starts at $19.99 per month for their Professional plan, which translates to $239.88 per year, while HelloWoofy has a single price of $49.00 per year and allows you to have multiple team members on your account. 

Who’s it for

Hootsuite caters to large and small businesses. Their Professional plan, starting at $19.99, is the one that’s aimed for entrepreneurs. 

HelloWoofy is focused on small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and entrepreneurs who need a solution that does the work instead of them. 

Ease of use

HelloWoofyis a simple and intuitive web app that gives you overview of your social media campaigns, posts and drafts, hashtag lists, and library. You can create and curate content, and add new members easily. 

Hootsuite is also a web-based app that has a content planner and publisher as part of their many features. In it, you can create, curate, and schedule posts and campaigns, but there is no library for all your created content.    


Both platforms offer knowledge bases, but only HelloWoofy has 24/7 hour customer support. In Hootsuite, this is only included in the Business and Enterprise plans. 

  • Content management – Both offer auto-scheduling, publishing calendars, and bulk scheduling, but only HelloWoofy gives you access to a content library where you can store everything. 
  • Multi-account management – You can have additional users with HelloWoofy, but Hootsuite limits you depending on the plan. The SMB plans offer a maximum of 3 users. 
  • Collaboration options – In HelloWoofy, you can add colleagues and even clients if you need and assign them roles, such as admin, manager, editor, and viewer. For each, you can pick the calendar and category of content in the library they have access to. Hootsuite reserves this option for their most expensive large business plans only. 
  • Reporting and analytics – HelloWoofy offers an overview of your posts and campaigns in a day, week, and month view, complete with their status, likes, comments, and shares. Hootsuite also has report templates with detailed metrics. 
  • Additional features (HelloWoofy): 
    • Automation options – Autocomplete option through a predictive linguistics engine that recommends words, hashtags, emojis, and even images.
    • Voice assist – You can create new campaigns via voice command. 
    • Pattern recognition – When you schedule content, you can speed things up with pattern recognition where you pick days from a single week and HelloWoofy will apply it to all the other weeks until the end of the campaign. 

HelloWoofyoffers much more functionality in their plan when compared to the lower price plans of Hootsuite, and comes out on top when it comes to automation and content curation options. 

The “Discover” tab is what makes them so unique. There, you’ll find different kinds of content – from general, which is there by default and lists everything that’s trending at the time, to topic views, which you can create by adding new topics to your “Discover” section. 

As you add more and more content to your library, HelloWoofy learns what type of content you use and will suggest more content for your brand.

HelloWoofy vs. Buffer Pro Plan

Buffer has only basic analytics when compared to HelloWoofy, but their separate analytics tool goes much more in-depth. 


If you’re looking to have both publishing and analytics, you’ll need to pay separately for both with Buffer. Their Pro plan for publishing costs $144 when billed annually, and you’ll have to add another $336 on top of that to get detailed analytics. 

HelloWoofy includes both, and it costs only $49 per year.  

Who’s it for

Buffer offers two distinct products to small and large businesses: their publishing tools and their analytics tools. 

The publishing tools enable planning, collaboration, and scheduling of social media content, and the analytics tools give an in-depth analysis of social media performance. 

Compared to HelloWoofy who is aimed specifically for SMBs and all functionality is accessible, Buffer seems to be more geared towards large and enterprise businesses. Only Buffer’s higher-paid plans have all the functionality; for SMBs, many functions are not included. 

Ease of use

Buffer is straightforward, and once you sign up, you’ll be prompted to connect your social accounts before you can proceed. If you don’t, you won’t be able to browse the dashboard. 

Once logged in, you can jump between the Publish and Analyze tabs easily. 

HelloWoofy doesn’t lock you out of the dashboard if you haven’t connected social accounts, which is a big plus, since you can get used to the layout and test all the features. 


Buffer has a great list of on-demand webinars that help you get started with using it, as well as live webinars you can register for. Their Help Center covers troubleshooting common issues users can run into. 

HelloWoofy has a FAQ section divided into several categories where you’ll find guides and clarifications for all the features. 

  • Content management – HelloWoofy has auto-scheduling, publishing calendars, and bulk scheduling, while Buffer has limited capabilities. You can schedule posts but have to do it one by one. 
  • Multi-account management – You can have additional users with HelloWoofy, but Buffer Pro only supports one user for the plan. 
  • Collaboration options – HelloWoofy supports collaboration to streamline content creation and curation, while Buffer only allows one additional user. 
  • Reporting and analytics – HelloWoofy has complete analytics, while Buffer has a standalone analytics plan you have to pay if you want in-depth analytics. 
  • Automation options: 
    • Autocomplete option – HelloWoofy will recommend and autocomplete words, emojis, and others. Buffer doesn’t support this. 
    • Voice assist – Only HelloWoofy has this feature. 
    • Pattern recognition – Buffer requires you schedule campaign days manually, while HelloWoofy can detect a weekly pattern and apply it to the whole campaign. 

HelloWoofy is more affordable here and gives you more freedom in terms of adding more users, even clients, and has superior automation capabilities for posts. Buffer is more expensive, but their separate analytics tool has superior capabilities. 

HelloWoofy vs. Sprout Social Standard Plan

Sprout Social has one of the best overall small business plans, but the pricing is higher when compared with other options. 


The Sprout Social Standard plan costs $99 per month, which translates to $1,188 per year. With that plan, you get all you need to get started, but it’s quite a hefty investment compared to only $49 per year for HelloWoofy. 

Who’s it for

The Sprout Social Standard plan is best used by those who need essentials to get started with their social media marketing, and those who have small businesses. HelloWoofy has an SMB social solution that won’t break the budget. 

Ease of use

Both Sprout Social and HelloWoofy are easy and intuitive to use. Both content schedulers are well-made and it’s easy to connect and disconnect social accounts. 


Both have efficient and quick customer support. Sprout Social additionally offers webinars to learn using its features.  

  • Content management 
    • HelloWoofy – Automatic scheduling, calendar, bulk scheduling
    • Sprout Social – Post publishing, scheduling, drafting and queuing, social content calendar and review management 
  • Multi-account support – You can have additional users with HelloWoofy, but Sprout Social Standard only supports one user for the plan. 
  • Collaboration – HelloWoofy supports collaboration to streamline content creation and curation, while Sprout Social only allows one additional user. 
  • Reporting and analytics – Supported by both.  
  • Additional features: 
  • HelloWoofy –  Automation: autocomplete option, voice assist, pattern recognition 
  • Sprout Social – Social CRM toolkit, social inbox, review tracking

Sprout Social has created a good package for small businesses that covers all the essentials. The social inbox is a great feature, and enables quick replies as soon as a customer contacts you. 

Coupled with their social CRM tools that fetch conversion history and context for each customer, it’s easy to make customers feel appreciated and well-known – if you’re willing to pay the steep price. 

HelloWoofy vs. Monday.com

Monday.com is geared towards remote work and offers everything you need – from project management, sales, HR, IT, software development to marketing, media, and production. It also enables automation of routine and recurring tasks assigned to team members.


The Basic and Standard plans from Monday.com are the best option for SMBs. With a required minimum of five users, the Basic plan costs $8 per user monthly, and standard is $10. This translates to $39 and $49 per month, and $468 and $588 each year, respectively – substantially more than HelloWoofy’s $49 per year. 

Who’s it for

Monday.com is aimed at remote teams and helps streamline tasks and get an overview of everything that’s going on. HelloWoofy is specialized for streamlining and automating content for social media only. 

Ease of use

Monday.com has a so-called “building blocks” setup, where you pick and choose which modules you need, like Marketing Management, and then choose templates for content planning, keyword research, or social media calendar, and so on. It’s easy to set up and get started right away. 

HelloWoofy is also straightforward, and you can quickly jump into content creation and curation and fill up your library and its different categories. 


HelloWoofy offers round-the-clock customer support and has a robust FAQ section that covers both basic and advanced uses. Monday.com has an extensive resources base: a help center, guides, webinars, community hub, video tutorials, blog, and podcast. You can also contact their customer support and sales. 

  • Content management 
    • HelloWoofy – Automatic and bulk scheduling, calendar, library
    • Monday.com – Automatic tasks for team members, content calendar, workflow automation
  • Multi-account support – You can have additional users with HelloWoofy. For Monday.com, you must have a minimum of five users, and you choose how many users go into your plan during the purchase. 
  • Collaboration 
    • HelloWoofy supports collaboration to streamline content creation and curation.
    • Monday.com covers remote collaboration and workflow automation, so as soon as a task is completed, it can enter the next stage in the workflow automatically.
  • Reporting and analytics
    • HelloWoofy offers analytics for all published posts and campaigns
    • Monday.com covers detailed campaign tracking 
  • Automaton: 
    • HelloWoofy – Autocomplete, voice control, pattern recognition 
  • Monday.com – Workflow automation across all blocks

As a full resource manager, Monday.com is a bit over the top for SMBs and gives access to many features you will never use but still have to pay for. The fact that there’s a minimum of five users might be a deal-breaker for some small businesses.  

HelloWoofy vs. Content Studio

As a discovery and curation content tool, Content Studio is the closest thing to HelloWoofy, but costs substantially more.


Content Studio plans start at $39 per month ($468 per year) for solo marketers, but small- and medium-sized businesses will have to pay between $79 and $159 per month for plans intended for them. 

Who’s it for

Both tools are aimed at SMBs and enterprises who need content curation, creation, and automation options.

Ease of use

Both tools are easy to set up and use, and have an intuitive interface that makes it easy to plunge right in and set up your first post in mere minutes. 


HelloWoofy offers an extensive FAQ section and has 24/7 support, while Content Studio has a Help Center full of useful guides. Their support is available via a contact form. 

  • Content management – Both have automatic scheduling, calendar, and bulk scheduling.
  • Multi-account support – You can have additional users with HelloWoofy, but Content Studio supports more users on their higher-priced plans only. The most affordable plan doesn’t have team members. 
  • Collaboration – HelloWoofy supports collaboration to streamline content creation and curation, while Content Studio supports it on all plans except the most affordable Pro plan. 
  • Reporting and analytics
    • HelloWoofy tracks how your published posts are doing. 
    • Content Studio has analytics divided into overall, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest to see how you’re doing on each platform. 
  • Automation: 
    • HelloWoofy – Autocomplete option, voice assist, pattern recognition
    • Content Studio – SEO toolbox for blogs, influencer discovery, automatic publishing from approved sources

Content Studio is, in terms of functionality, the closest tool to HelloWoofy, and includes some additional features such as a social inbox and influencer tracking. But the most affordable option lacks collaboration support, and the user count per plan is somewhat rigid. 

HelloWoofy vs. hiring a social media manager

When you can’t do social on your own, you might resolve to hire someone to do it. But is it really necessary if you have HelloWoofy? 


HelloWoofy costs $49 per year for a single user and then you can add more members of your team, e.g. your content writer or VA. Hiring someone to do everything for you means covering all the state-required employment costs, plus salary, and you’ll still have to pay for social media tools on top of that. 

Is it for you?

If the budget is not an issue and you can afford to pay someone, by all means, go ahead and take it off your plate, HelloWoofy would work well with a social media manager or agency too! Their expertise will further boost your social media presence. But, you can easily do it by yourself once you set it all up properly and get your calendars sorted. 

Final Verdict: HelloWoofy does exactly what you need

The main issue with most social media manager solutions is that they are not just social media managers but also part of a bigger package. And these packages are either too complex, too expensive, too confusing, take a lot of time to learn, or they just have a lot of tools you don’t need. 

HelloWoofy is focused on social media and automating it, freeing up your time, giving you relevant suggestions, and doing the heavy lifting for you. 

What we love most about HelloWoofy

It’s super simple and a very focused app. Instead of being the jack of all trades, it’s the master of one: automation and time-saving. Creating campaigns is super fast. Choose which account you’ll post to, what time, and from which category in the library the content will come from. 

Your library is where you control all the content, and lets you create multiple categories, depending on the type of content you wish to create or curate: blog posts, quotes, news, inspirational, and so on. As you populate the library, it will suggest similar content that goes well with your brand. 

With HelloWoofy, you get more than just a tool: you get a new best friend.  

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