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Smiley Geeks helps entrepreneurs, freelancers, and home businesses work from anywhere. So that you have the peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, you have a professional to fix it and it won’t stop you from running your business!

  • We Provide:
  • Emergency tech support to get you back up and running.
  • Monthly membership support for the ongoing essentials.
  • GDPR and data protection tech templates (and specific help!) so you don't risk fines and being hacked.
  • Courses, training, and videos to help you feel confident with technology in your business.
  • Done-for-you training resources, documentation, and help for scaling and automating your team.

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Once you sign up you’ll get an email with the support details you need and a direct email you can use. You’ll also have access to submit a support ticket too! We’ll reply within one business day (UK time zone) of receiving your email to solve your issue or book in a remote session to fix it! Voila. 

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